The Academic Centre for Development and Peace Studies (ACDP) is an independent, not-for-profit, officially registered research centre in Turkey. It seeks to involve academics and researchers, and harness Syrian expertise wherever it exists to contribute to rebuilding the Syrian state and society and promoting civilian peacebuilding on a scientific and practical basis. The Centre studies the implications of the challenges facing Syrian society politically, economically, socially and environmentally aspects, in order to formulate innovative solutions that are appropriate to the Syrian context.

Core Values


Social responsibility

Scientific honesty



Justice and accountability


A Syrian society with a coherent and stable social structure in which justice and peace prevail and which builds its renaissance and development on a scientific basis.


Supporting research, conducting academic studies, and developing the necessary expertise to contribute to building a society whose members enjoy the rights to live in dignity, freedom and peace in their own country, and to enhance their role in host societies.

The goals of the centre

  1. To study the challenges facing Syrian society, both in Syria and in exile, and to propose creative solutions.
  2. To contribute to the establishment and development of national institutions capable of providing society with the necessary knowledge and expertise.
  3. To contribute to drawing up medium and long-term strategic plans to achieve justice and equality, and political, economic and social stability and reconstruction.
  4. To provide a platform for Syrian academics and researchers from various disciplines to exchange views and experiences.
  5. To provide the resources that enable the planning and implementation of multi- and inter-disciplinary studies.
  6. To spreading and to transmit up-to-date knowledge, science and technologies.
  7. To provide training and capacity building in various sectors.
  8. To build partnerships and cooperative relationships with local and international organisations, institutions, and research centres, to enhance peacebuilding and development.
  9. To provide consultations to local and international institutions and organisations to raise awareness of Syria’s needs and priorities.
  10. To develop the education sector and to provide it with technical and academic expertise.